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twenty one pilots is taking the ‘concept album’ concept to a whole different level

and holy shit i’m living for it. we’re all here praising Gerard Way and My Chemical Romance but i have the feeling that “Trenches” is gonna be even better.

and since i’m comparing- well, i don’t mean to, both bands are amazing and MCR doesn’t even exists anymore, but i can’t help to, either. 

lemme explain: to me, “Blurryface” was twenty one pilots’ “The Black Parade”. Tyler had a character while Josh didn’t but it was still a concept album. it was kinda more personal to TyJo, like TBP was to Gerard.

and now “Trench” feels like “Danger Days...”. Every member has a character now. i think Josh is Nico and Tyler is Clancy (i’m probably wrong. just guessing). and the story has much more depth to it. much more like DD was.

all that said. i think “Trench” might be the greatest concept album in history.... of alternative music... at least. the backstory of it. everything. i mean: they’ve been fucking around with the clique, sending cryptic messages and shit for THREE MONTHS prior to release the FIRST SINGLE.

and now that i mention the clique: big shout out to all the clique members who were smart enough to unlock all the mysteries: i’ve been following this whole thing since the beginning and now listening to the new songs and hearing so many familiar words and phrases in the songs feels surreal. even down to the name of the fucking album. Nico and the Niners, “east is up”, Clancy, the whole DEMA deal. everything.

fucking Tyler Joseph, he’s a goddamn genius. i love how the “Jumpsuit” video connects with “heavydirtysoul” and the “Blurryface” concept. it’s like they’re saying goodbye to the old era to fully focus and dive into this new era.

the yellow era.

i don’t think it’s coincidential that they chose the colour yellow, more after the release of “Jumpsuit” that’s pretty much a big “fuck you” to Blurryface (as a character). i mean, it’s no coincidence since yellow is the colour many mental health campains have used lately.

i don’t know. i’m just incredibly excited for this new era! can’t wait to hear the rest of the album because so far... it’s sounding pretty amazing.

~talk's a waste of time~

tøp new era...


me gusta.

todo bien con que Tyler sea híper críptico y que le guste hacernos pensar y qué se yo. pero la verdad: ya estoy hinchada los huevos... tipo, desde abril nos tienen dando vueltas con y yo qué sé qué mierda más. el viernes mandaron un mail re copado, oficial, posta y ondaaaaa: silencio de nuevo.

o sea: ¡TYLER LA CONCHA DE TU MADRE! (pobre Kelly, es una genia).


en fin: espero que el viernes saquen algo porque el clique está enloqueciendo mal...

... más.

~talk’s a waste of time~

i'm mad at the world

although i mean this quite literally, it's also a pun (sorta) because i can't get Heffron Drive's song "Mad At The World" out of my head.

i've been trying to put these feelings down into words/lyrics for a while now but i seem to be unable to. it's getting me pretty frustrated to be honest. still. becasue i am still trying to. but a few days ago i came across this song (because i was nostalgically and unironically re-watching "Big Time Rush" for the hundredth time and thought "what are the boys doing now?", so i stalked all four of them and here i am-) and cried my eyes out because: SAME.

like, finally somebody's saying it. uhm, obviously they're not the only band out there feeling like this but they're the only band i know of that has a song like this and twenty øne piløts is still on a fucking hiatus and I NEED A BREAK! ( i said this in James' voice in my head. sue me. i'm old).

calming down now, though.

anyways: not only the lyrics made me cry, but the video. which is super amazing and if you haven't watched it yet, you should totally check it out, i'll embed it below.

“do you have a pen? 
you should write this down", he said
i've got a head full of propaganda
and my coffee breaks at 10

i need to get away from this place
i've seen the other side of two- face
do you want to meet at the corner of arizona 
the current situation i'm in is bad or is it that

i'm mad at the world? is anybody listening? 
i'm screaming these words at the top of my lungs
i'm ready to run i could really use a win right now
i'm mad at the world i'm mad at the world

i'm at it again
i'm getting sick and tired of this
my account's been draining dollars
and it doesn't make much sense/cents

i gotta get away from this place
it's feeling like a slap in the face
i'm tired of taking the hit for the hell of it
i need some compensation or a compliment 

yeah i'm mad at the world is anybody listening? 
i'm screaming these words at the top of my lungs
i'm ready to run i could really use a win right now
i'm mad at the world i'm mad at the world

is there more to life than i'm aware?
will i ever know? or is there no meaning
to this show that goes on?
on and on

mad at the world is anybody listening?
i'm screaming these words at the top of my lungs
i'm ready to run i could really use a win right now
i'm mad at the world i'm mad at the world

~talk's a waste of time~

it’s been 13 fucking years...

... so, technically, i started watching Supernatural (SPN from now on) in ‘08, but who’s counting... it’s still a fucking DECADE. the main reason i didn’t watch it from season 1 is because first season is scary af and my 14yo ass couldn’t handle it. i meaaaan: i was terrified of Nightmare Before Christmas, guys.

anywho: ***MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!***

literally no one reads these, but still, better safe than sorry.

so, what i’m trying to get at here is SPN IS BACK! like for realsies this time. season 13 FUCKING RULED! i mean, season 12 was fairly good (definetely the best since season 5) and the ending was absolutely scary (which i loved). but season 13 was AMAZING.

it started great and it just never went down. my sister says it’s because they mostly brought the old cast back together. but... like, they actually didn’t?? the only main cast come-back was Jim Beaver (who plays Bobby for those selected few who don’t know) and that was a lovely comeback, which they actually introduced in the ending of season 12.

Samantha Smith (plays Mary Winchester) appearence in season 12 also led to amazing things. it was probably the best thing about season 12. and in season 13 she made all the difference. it’s a very different Mary than who we thought she was from the boys memories and season 6’s fiasco (fight me), and honestly i love her. also: she has amazing on-screen chemestry with... everyone.

Rowena MacLeod’s (played by the incredible Ruth Connell) and Castiel’s deaths last season fucking hurt. i mean, Castiel (Misha Collins) has been killed off so many times so far that i was kinda expecting him to come back. he’s as much part of the show as Jensen and Jared (Dean and Sam, respectively). but i never would’ve guessed Rowena’s comeback and let me tell you it was a happy surprise. i adore that character, and in this season (13) she shows a whole different side of her and it’s just so precious. character development, people! *clap* *clap* *clap*

i miss Crowley (played by the ever so wonderful Mark Sheppard) though. that was a hell of a good character. but i knew he wasn’t coming back since Mark had already said his goodbyes to the fandom. still, i’ll miss him forever.

Mark Pellegrino (playing Lucifer) is BACK! and we all know that everything Mark’s touch turns into gold, so... not much to say there. the man’s a fucking genius.

Gabriel’s (played by my man Richard Speight Jr.) little comeback was just the cherry on top. when he came into the picture both my sister and i shrieked with excitement. he’s such a jewel to the show, to be honest.

and last but not least, i’d like to talk about Alexander Calvert who plays Jack (Lucifer’s kid). that kid is amazing. i mean, my sister said that there were people hating on him, like there’s people hating on Misha/Castiel... which i don’t get. Castiel is an amazing character and Misha is just awesome. and so Jack is an amazing character and Alexander is just so adorable! i don’t know, man. i loved seeing Sam being protective over the kid and trying to give him a chance. i loved seeing Dean vulnerable and hesitant when making tough decisions regarding Jack. i just thought the writers gave them all three a very awesome dinamic to their relationship. it’s kinda everything i wanted Sam and Dean and Adam (played by Jake Abel) to have but we all know the writers burst that bubble :sadface:

so to wrap it all up, i’d like to say that i’m very very excited about season 14. and i’m all in for, in Dean’s words: team free will 2.0.

~talk’s a waste of time~

it’s been two years...

it still hurts like it was today </3
you are dearly missed, my lovely boy.

~talk’s a waste of time~

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